Near the end of the series, Aang wore beads that looked exactly like Gyatso's. [4], Gyatso had a great sense of humor; he often played pranks on his peers with his pupil, Aang,[1] and even used his airbending to cheat during a Pai Sho game. Before starting their gliding lesson, Gyatso and Roku were goofing off by using their bending to blow Roku's long hair in each other's face while standing in line. Huiyuan’s teachings were propagated from Donglin Temple, which he had founded, and by the time of the Northern Song Dynasty (between the 10th and 12th centuries), they had spread across southern China. They've apparently forgotten that old saying about assumptions. [2], After Aang ran away, the Fire Nation launched an assault on the Southern Air Temple, intent on slaughtering the temple's population. They used airbending to play pranks on the other inhabitants of the Air Temple, such as interrupting the Council's meditation by throwing fruit pies at them. Image gallery (18), Monk Gyatso was Avatar Aang's guardian, mentor, and father figure before the beginning of the Hundred Year War, as well as a member of the Council of Elders. While, there's no evidence to back this up, I noticed in "The Storm" how he favors the White Lotus tile strategy in his Pai Sho game with Aang. The White Lotus assumes Tenzin (& family) will be moving to the South Pole to continue Korra's training. The Rift Part One (flashback only) Aang would continue to feel guilty about running away and "not being there for his people when they needed him most" until Guru Pathik helped him to deal with this pain and to let it go. [3], According to Aang, Gyatso was the "greatest airbender in the world". [3], Gyatso had a good relationship with the other Air Nomad boys, who were rather fond of him. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. When Aang laid out all his grief in front of him, all the Air Nomads with Gyatso at the front, appeared before him. She was greeted by Toph, who had already succeeded King Bumi for the earthbenders, and Aang, who had taken Monk Gyatso's place in the council. Gyatso is voiced by Sab Shimono, who also voices Master Yu. Due to this, Aang always missed the tales the Air Nomad elders used to tell, though Gyatso assured him that he would have "plenty of time" to learn of Air Nomad history later in his life.[5]. Even prior to learning he was the Avatar, Aang distinguished himself by becoming one of the youngest Airbending Masters in history by inventing a new technique. Order Of The White Lotus (Avatar) Korra (Avatar) Summary. Affiliation "The Southern Air Temple" (flashback only) Eventually, however, they became great friends, even later in life. The Lotus SÅ«tra is one of the most important Mahāyāna texts and the most widely read, chanted and revered, particularly in Asian Buddhist countries, notably China and Japan. Gyatso is the only one of Aang's elemental masters to not have been a member of, Gyatso is the first known person who trained alongside an Avatar and later taught their successor, with. Katara was the third member of Team Avatar to enter the Black Lotus Council, joining as its waterbending representative following Master Pakku's passing. However, the other monks believed he was holding Aang back in his training, which resulted in Gyatso being forced to separate from Aang. He was highly respected, a great baker, kind, and wise, but he remained a bit of a prankster. In Egypt, the White Lotus Flower represents creation as well as the more common representation of purity, innocence, beauty, and fertility. I'd love to learn more about the The Order before they become a public organization. He was later promoted to be one of the five head monks at the Southern Air Temple. A century prior to the series' opening, Aang, a 12-year-old Airbender of the Air Nomad's Southern Air Temple, learned from his monk instructors that he was the Avatar. When Avatar Roku was showing Aang how the Hundred Year War started, he noted that "some friendships are so strong that they can even transcend lifetimes", citing his experiences with Gyatso as evidence. Later we see Pai Sho used in a sort of secret handshake between members of the Order of the White Lotus. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He became monk at the age of 11 and studied at Drepung monastery. Monk Gyatso. More about Gyatso They decreed that Gyatso and Aang were to be separated and that Aang was to be sent to the Eastern Air Temple to complete his training. Why would he do it if Aang has no idea what it would mean? Aang overheard this and, having already been ostracized by his peers after his identity as the Avatar had been revealed, was shocked that the monks wanted to isolate him from his last and best friend. There were probably members from each element, so it is likely that Gyatso, as a master airbender, was part of the White Lotus. Aang discovered Gyatso's skeleton at the Southern Air Temple. Gyatso was Aang's father figure and mentor. Enemies This means he has a strong set of ideals for what he thinks is right. And not to mention that he probably taught the Avatar nearly everything he knows about Airbending. I think it has stood for longer than that to, essentially, be a stopgap for maintaining order during the period which the previous incarnation of the avatar is succumbing to old age, and the new incarnation is growing and training. Then he puts his own tile down. The White Lotus Flower (Nymphaea Lotus) is one of the only species of Lotus Flowers to be native to Egypt. Biography. Airbending instructorMonk However, he eventually fell, along with the rest of the Air Nomads.[1]. Male Gender We see that Aang enjoyed playing Pai Sho with his mentor at the Southern Air Temple, Monk Gyatso. He was a kind and understanding individual who was well-liked by other students in the temple. Iroh paused for a moment, then added, "The guardian is a member of the Black Lotus Council, the highest council within the Order of the White Lotus. This ability replaces quivering palm. : 無生老母, simplified: 无生老母), who was to gather all her children at the millennium into one family. After the festival's end, he took the young nomads to an island just off the coast… Gyatso may have been a member of the Order of the White Lotus, as the Order Of the White Lotus has been around for a long time and he was shown to play Pai Sho with the White Lotus tile. The White Lotus. They use the Lotus tile to identify themselves to other members. After the festival's end, he took the young nomads to an island just off the coast, where they used airbending to fly cranefish kites. The White Lotus was a fertile ground for fomenting rebellion. Gyatso regularly participated in Yangchen's Festival together with his pupil. [1] When Aang was trying to open his chakras, he needed to release all his grief in order to open the air chakra located in his heart. Upon death, Avatar Roku was reincarnated and Aang was born, and later raised by Monk Gyatso, a senior monk at the Southern Air Temple and friend of the late Avatar Roku. Gyatso regularly participated in Yangchen's Festival together with his pupil. It is possible that Gyatso is the shadowed airbender in the opening sequence. This becomes a lot more evident when you see him going against the High Monk's orders, and tried to leave the Southern Temple with Aang. [2] He also procrastinated in his training when he was younger, such as when he did not practice his gliding, instead choosing to race with Avatar Roku. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Personal information Unknown, eventually Kelsang (as the Avatar's airbending master) To that end, the thunder god and the monks agreed to hand select a … [2], When Aang returned to the Southern Air Temple one hundred years later, he accidentally stumbled upon Gyatso's skeleton, causing him to cross over into the Avatar State, overcome by rage, grief and guilt. Last appearance [Alexander Norman] -- From the Publisher: The Complete Story of the Dalai Lamas. idk how well the Order of the White Lotus keeps track of past members (it might be implied Gyatso was part of it because in a flashback he is seen using the white lotus tile), but let’s say that after Zuko takes Gyatso from the Southern Water Tribe, Iroh keeps an eye on their prisoner and invites him to a friendly game of pai sho. A wooden statue of Monk Gyatso was placed in the courtyard of the Southern Air Temple before the entrance of the hallway that led to the Air Temple sanctuary, celebrating his airbending prowess. [3], Eventually, Gyatso became a master airbender and received his tattoos. Air Nomad Allies Even though Aang's status was announced as the Avatar, Gyatso believed that he should still grow up as a normal boy. Airbending - Monk Gyatso Aang's first teacher was Monk Gyatso of the Southern Air Temple, who was as much a friend as he was a teacher, and the closest thing that Aang had to a father growing up. The monk recognizes the gambit—a clever one, but one he has seen many times before—and knows he can beat his friend in seventeen moves. 3 Monk Gyatso One of the most tragic narrative elements of The Last Airbender is the destruction of the Air Temples and the murder of all air benders except for Aang. Hair color Very interesting idea! Not knowing that Gyatso intended to fight this decision, Aang fled the temple with Appa and was subsequently frozen into an iceberg for one hundred years. Died The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. The additional weight proved too much for him to handle, and the two of them crashed into a group of student airbenders on the land below. All main characters will be listed in italic. 10 Monk Gyatso. [1], Gyatso was known for his kindness and sense of humor. Aang and Gyatso had a close relationship. Physical description Monk Gyatso, single handedly took down dozens of firebenders who were boosted by Sozin's comet, while remaining in a seated position, in a small room This is what a single fire bender soldier can do during a Sozin's comet. Airbending masterCouncil ElderHigh Monk Predecessor Gyatso's remains were surrounded by the armor of a large number of Fire Nation soldiers, the first indication in the series that airbending can be lethal and used to kill. Air Part 18 of Two Universes Over; Language: English Words: 1,733 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 20 Hits: 119 Learned Master . – popular memes on the site Gyatso's name matches the last name of the 14th Dalai Lama. He was regarded highly as an excellent airbender and was chosen among the other men to be on the Council of Elders. [1][2] At some point, Gyatso befriended a younger Guru Pathik. Aang loved Gyatso like a father and was devastated when the Elders told him he was the Avatar and would need to leave Gyatso. With Chia-Hui Liu, Lieh Lo, Lung Wei Wang, Kara Wai. When was there any indication that Monk Gyatso might even possibly be a member of the Order of the White Lotus? Gyatso once taught Aang how to divert his fears when Aang was afraid or nervous: one must close his or her eyes, take deep breaths, and think about his or her favorite animal. Also, after further analysis of this episode, it dawned on me that Gyatso was different than the other Elders. White (shaven) I still think he's a member of the society, though. Tenzin (as the Avatar's airbending master) This means he has a strong set of ideals for what he thinks is right. Gyatso and Roku smiled at one another after crashing their gliders. Monk Gyatso cheated by using airbending while playing Pai Sho with Aang. Aang, Roku, Pathik, Air Nomads, Pasang, Tashi The subreddit for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, the comics, the upcoming Netflix live action ATLA series, novels, games, and all other Avatar content. Since Gyatso was Aang's personal teacher and guardian, it also became his duty to better the Avatar's airbending skills. The following list contains characters that have made at least three appearances within the franchise (three or more different episodes, games, or in the film): Successor Aang was taken away from his real parents as a baby and put on a path towards becoming the Avatar before he even knew that was his destiny. Voiced by Xin stares at the board, scratching the stubble on his chin. Their name comes from the White Lotus tile, a low-ranking piece in the game of Pai Sho, which is the most common form of communication among members. During the 1959 Tibetan uprising he fled Tibet as part of the Tibetan Exile Community in India.. Position Gyatso was however the main influence on Aang's training as an airbender so even with Aang's natural gift with … The bond between the two became very strong and intimate to the point where Gyatso became a paternal figure to Aang, as well as a close friend and confidant. According to Aang, he was the greatest airbender in the world during his time. He helped Aang with his airbending training, played games with him, and made Aang's difficult time at the temple more enjoyable. This becomes a lot more evident when you see him going against the High Monk's orders, and tried to leave the Southern Temple with Aang. Twelve years after Roku's death, Gyatso was present with the rest of the Council of Elders when Aang's identity as the new Avatar was revealed. For Aang, his guardian was Monk Gyatso, who had been Avatar Roku's best friend among the Air Nomads in life." The White Lotus Society had its religious roots in the Pure Land School of Buddhism. Get this from a library! The Lotus Pond a… ca Yet still, he sustained no damage from the fire-benders, as shown by unburnt clothes and undamaged amulet. During his youth, Gyatso showed proficiency in the use of airbender staffs, as he was able to windsurf using his glider and perform numerous maneuvers while in the air. idk how well the Order of the White Lotus keeps track of past members (it might be implied Gyatso was part of it because in a flashback he is seen using the white lotus tile), but let’s say that after Zuko takes Gyatso from the Southern Water Tribe, Iroh keeps an eye on their prisoner and invites him to a friendly game of pai sho. Sab ShimonoSean Marquette (young Gyatso) [1][2], Guru Pathik mentioned to Aang that he was a close personal friend of Monk Gyatso.[4]. The full extent of Gyatso's reaction to this is not known, but he was shown to be deeply worried when he read Aang's goodbye letter. Though hundreds of airbenders and others died in the War, Gyatso's skeleton was the only one shown during the whole series.